11th Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics
24-28 May 2015 IGESA, Porquerolles Island, Hyères, Var (France)

Conference location



IGESA congress centre,  island of Porquerolles, Hyères, France

FLTPD XI will take place at the IGESA congress centre on the mediteranean island of Porquerolles. In order to enable close contacts among the participants, everyone will stay at the conference site.  The participants will be accommodated in single and double rooms. Porquerolles is approximatively 15 min by boat from the continent and the city of Hyères.

Porquerolles website : http://www.porquerolles.com/accueil/contact/

Porquerolles brochure : 2014_LES_ILES_D_OR_FR_EN_28_light.pdf


How to access


Use the organized transport

Due to many requests for an organized transport from Marseilles airport to Porquerolles island (bus + boat), we kindly propose a bus departing on Sunday 24th May at 16:00 from Marseilles airport and returning on Thursday 28th May at ~15:00 at Marseilles airport. However, as this transport was not previously budgeted, we kindly ask you to pay an additional 35 euros if you are interested. This option is now available on the final registration website.

Departure 24th May 16h00 from Marseilles Airport (arrival at congress center around 19:30).
Departure 28th May from Porquerolles harbor at 12h30, arrival at Marseilles airport around 15h00.

We also propose a round trip transport by boat from la Tour Fondue (Hyères harbor) to Porquerolles for 20€:
Departure 24th May 19h00 from La Tour Fondue
Departure 28th May from Porquerolles at 12h30


The boat (La Valerianne) is chartered for the conference participants, this is not the regular ferry. It is located along the closest wharf to the sea. It is blue, white, and yellow. "IGESA" is written on it.


Or come by yourself

 -1- From abroad, reach the cities of Toulon or Hyères:

- Fly to Toulon-Hyères airport via Paris-Orly or take a high speed train (TGV) from Paris to Toulon  (Plane 1h30 - TGV 4h)

Hyères airport (www.toulon-hyeres.aeroport.fr):

Regular connection with the following airports: Paris Orly, Brest and Bruxelles.
In Summer, flights from/to Lyon, London STN & City, Rotterdam, Ajaccio and Bastia.


- or join by train the railway stations of Toulon or Hyères:
Train booking: http://en.voyages-sncf.com/en/


 -2-Then go to the harbor "La tour fondue" in Hyères :

- Toulon-Hyères Airport is approximately fifteen minutes away by taxi from "La tour fondue, Hyères"

- The TGV Train station of Toulon is about 27 km away (~50€ by taxi) from "La tour fondue, Hyères"

- The railway station of Hyères is approximately 20 minutes away by taxi from "La tour fondue, Hyères"

- There is a bus line (#67) from Hyères railway station to the harbor "La tour fondue":

- If you come by car, you can let it at one of the parkings of la "Tour Fondue":


 -3-Take the ferry to Porquerolles Island

The boat trip from "La tour fondue" to the Porquerolles Island  is ~15 minutes. There is ~one boat / 30 minutes in April-May, from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. IGeSA centre is at walking distance from the port.

Ferry transfer between the main land and the island: www.tlv-tvm.com,+33 (0)4 94 58 21 81
Departure from the Tour Fondue to Porquerolles island. All-year round regular service


 -4- and finally walk to the congress centre (~250 m from Porquerolles Harbor)

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