11th Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics
24-28 May 2015 IGESA, Porquerolles Island, Hyères, Var (France)

Conference summary

The conference took place from 24th to 28th May on Porquerolles Island. Eighty-two  participants attended the conference (the list of participants can be downloaded on the conference website), one-third of them being PhD students.


Twenty six talks, all of them of excellent scientific quality, have been given. They consisted of ten invited presentations and 16 topical lectures, and were divided almost equally in three main domains:

-          Low-pressure plasma diagnostics related to traditional applications of plasmas such as microelectronics

-          High pressure plasma diagnostics related to the growing field of atmospheric plasma jets for medicine or biological applications

-          Diagnostics of plasma in contact with liquids in relation with the European COST action TD1208. The COST TD 1208 workshop has been organized conjointly with the FLTPD conference and has been held on Tuesday.


Two poster sessions have been held in the evening just after dinner, in a good atmosphere, and have been the occasion of intense and fruitful scientific discussions lasting late in the night.


Three exhibitors were present during the conference: Journal of Physics D, Solayl and Sairem. The exchanges between the exhibitors and the scientists during coffee breaks, lunch, dinners and time slots reserved for informal discussions, have been fruitful. 


A conference excursion was organised on Wednesday afternoon with a choice between water activities (kayak/stand-up paddle), guided tours (Porquerolles Village or Porquerolles Island) and a visit of the Domaine Perzinsky with wine tasting.


 Three prizes were awarded during the conference.

  • Two best student poster presentations have been awarded to:

Jean-Sébastien Boisvert for his work on the “Measurement of Metastable Helium Density in Radio Frequency Dielectric Barrier Discharge in Helium at Atmospheric Pressure”

Goran Sretenović for his work on the “Measurement of electric field development in He plasma jet”

  • The best young scientist presentation have been awarded to:

Daniil Marinov for his work dealing with  “Time-resolved quantum cascade laser diagnostics of pulsed plasmas with strong vibrational excitation”


Congratulation to all of them. They have been awarded a 150€ book voucher offered by one of the conference sponsor (Springer).

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